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13 Responses to Organizational Chart

  1. Tereza says:

    I don’t know to what degree this is a joke, and clearly I don’t share this ‘humour’, but the communist thing is played out. As a person from an ex-communist country, I view communism as a social “experiment” that left fifty million dead, and not as a meme or an ironic anything. I think it’s pathetic that people who are lucky enough (and supposedly intelligent enough) to study at a university of McGill’s caliber have nothing better to do than to create these pseudo-witty degeneracies that fall flat in every way. Get over yourself, and perhaps try to do something that brings some benefit to someone. At this point in your moral and intellectual development, you sorely need it.

  2. Doca says:

    hey Tereza,

    I think I understand where you’re coming from – I’ve friends from ex-communist countries too. But I think it’s a mistake to give up on communism just because the wrongly applied “experiment” in the ex-soviet block failed. It definitely doesn’t mean the ideas were wrong (have you read Marx’s Communist Manifesto?!). Please do keep that in mind.

    Secondly, judging from posts on this site (e.g., the letter from students occupying 6th floor), it’s clear that these folks ARE ACTUALLY doing something to benefit someone, in fact a lot of someones! They’re fighting for democracy, to make sure every single person’s voice matters, not only of those who’re at the top, financially or status-wise – you of all people should understand that!

    All the best in your understanding of other people’s reality.

  3. Mike says:

    The communist manifesto was completed in its first edition in 1848 and has hardly been touched since then. There were some great ideas to counter what was occurring in Europe at that point in history: no minimum wage, slumlords, no gov’t pension plans, no company pension plans, no employee provided healthcare, no social programs…we talk about the 1% today, the disparity was obnoxious at this point in history and Marx had some legitimate points.

    I am not sure if you have realized this but communism as an economic system has been instituted in several places around the globe beginning in the early 1910′s. It was definitely worth trying, but its faults have become inherently obvious to anyone that has a sense of history or a global vision and doesn’t rely on a relic of a pamphlet that was published in an entirely different era. I’m not even sure that Marx would be a communist if we were to have lived long enough to see his system instituted. The major problems with communism:

    1) Employee incentives disappear, production drops
    2) Food shortages, supply chain misfunctions, mass starvation
    3) The need to control the economy lends itself to a government that must control all aspects of behaviour, this aspect grows and grows until you find yourself erecting walls (Berlin) and killing any able bodied employee from leaving, or anyone that wants to protest. A sit in like you are performing would have landed you in a Gulag, or been more likely, you would all be killed.
    4) As governments desperately cling to state revenue sources like oil, mining…they pilfer their supplies until there is nothing left (the Soviet’s entire state revenue relied on oil and mining, they are the worlds #1 producer of oil but they are virtually dry…Venezuela’s state revenue relies entirely on oil. Try convincing them not to develop their Tar Sands…go sit on Chavez’s front lawn and see what happens to you). Try visiting Cuba, speak to the locals, see if they enjoy communism, they are in the process of privatizing their workforce and it is clear their communist state will likely collapse to a social capitalist system soon after the Castro’s are finished.

    In the meantime, the “Bourgeois” system evolved to create gov’t sponsored pension plans, gov’t sponsored health care, minimum wage, rent controls, massive tuition subsidies to make education accessible. The United States is perhaps further right than Canada, but you are all living in a day and age and country where opportunities are abound and endless, social injustice still exists, but not on the scale that would be observed in a communist system. Move to Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland and you will see the benefits of a social capitalist system.

    Interestingly enough, communism as a system could work, just not in our species given our sense of property rights, reciprocal trade nature, need for personal work incentives and the dominance hierarchy that leads to depression when placed in a system where our movements are limited, ideas are repressed and complete control over our behaviour occurs in a totalitarian state run system.

    The reality though is that you are all in fear of not being able to thrive in the current system given the low prospects provided with an arts degree. It is natural for people in your situation to attempt to overthrow the system, create a state of anarchy, and want to overthrow property rights in order to level the playing field so you can get a leg up. Trust me, you will have far more success and happiness by just going to a community college, getting a useful skillset, becoming employed, and enjoying your property rights.

    If you aren’t a communist by 20 you’ve got no heart, but if you aren’t a capitalist by 30, you’ve got no brains. Unfortunately, most of you are over 20…time to start growing up.

    • ha ha ha you must be an expert troll.

    • Mika says:

      This was an unbelievably arrogant and callous post, Mike. You should be ashamed of yourself. I would’ve expected MUCH more from a McGill student.

      • Mike says:

        Hi Mika,

        Unfortunately, I came across your reply far too late for you to likely see it again. However it is still worth typing. The way I see it, reality is the only thing that is callous, I was just writing on its behalf. The sooner everyone realizes this and tries to adapt accordingly rather than uphend the system to something that will never happen in Western society, the better off they will be. If you disagree with anything I wrote, I am open to dialogue and a change of opinion, however just calling me arrogant will not be worthy of a response.

  4. Mike says:

    Troll? I was at least hoping that a McGill University student would be capable of countering my points with something that at least seems plausable on the surface and this is the most intelligible thing you can write. You do not make your movement seem very organized. I would have hoped for more from a McGill University student.

  5. Jenna says:

    psst…I think it’s a joke, not a movement. i hope that wasn’t supposed to be a secret.

  6. anon says:

    MARP is amazingly self-centered and inconsiderate. They are even worse than the administration at McGill because they believe they have the right to impose their rather radical views on others BY FORCE. At least McGill pretends to give all students a vote! You lot know full well that if put to a student referendum you would be out on the street, if not in jail for trespassing.

    Please go home and leave the rest of us to actually get something done, including studying. You complain when internet, toilet and health services are not provided to your occupation. Where do you think all those services come from?

    The worst kind of bourgeoisie is the non-contributing parasite with a sense of entitlement.

  7. May says:

    Is this blog sarcastic… “Maoist hate blog”? If you knew anything about the Mao totalitarian regime, you would know that this blog, protesting and even partying would be strictly forbidden (and those involved would probably be subjected to punishment and imprisonment).
    Besides from what Mike said about Communism, it really does take a dictator (/central government) and the cost is a loss of many democratic freedoms, such as that of the press.
    Maoism, Stalinism, etc. aren’t Marxism. Just like this “revolution” isn’t either. People distort the message for their own goals.
    Marx himself said that in reality, his theory would be realized in a VERY wealthy state where everyone’s income was relatively stable and high enough to insulate themselves.

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