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Originally posted on PSA McGill Unlimited General Strike:
In response to yesterday’s MRO sent by Jim Nicell, “Message re blocking of classes – Accès aux salles de cours bloqué”, we would like to challenge the McGill University Administration’s characterization of…

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Note to readers: posts removed

In response to the following request, received February 8th, 2012, we have removed 14 posts from our blog. If you were trying to find them, sorry! ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Zachary Newburgh Date: Wednesday, 8 February 2012 Subject: Request … Continue reading

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Di Grappa Openly Plans Demonstration, Students Given Right to Riot and Blame Admin for Provoking it

Local telegraphs have been burning up over rumours that local thug Michael Di Grappa has his information all wrong. Earlier today, a blanket email was sent to the McGill community warning of events so humourous that we think Di Grappa … Continue reading

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