MARP on strike along with Philosophy, Feminist Studies, and Art History & Communications Studies at McGill.

No more critical theory — until we decide it is the proper route.

The time for dialectics is over, now we act.

PSA McGill Unlimited General Strike

In response to yesterday’s MRO sent by Jim Nicell, “Message re blocking of classes – Accès aux salles de cours bloqué”, we would like to challenge the McGill University Administration’s characterization of events on campus and the responses to them, in particular the summary banning of students from the McGill campus.
There were several incidents on the McGill campus on 26 March in which a number of students who were peacefully expressing their views were singled out and barred from campus for 5 days under article 21a of the Code of Student Conduct. Yesterday’s MRO states that: “Everyone in our community has the right to express peacefully their views about issues.”

We believe that this selection and punishment of certain students for exclusion from our campus and community is especially draconian and a completely inappropriate response to their actions. This further harassment of students by the administration is in addition…

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This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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  1. Jimbo Jones says:

    The MARP has been publishing much lately anyways. Very disappointing.

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