MARPLEAKS: Tons of Dox About The James McGill Royal Centre for The Advancement of Capital

The MARP is proud to announce that we are going to release a full payload of dox relating to Corporate Investments at the McGill Military-Money-Factory Complex.

hell yes

all i want is a bunch of industrial factories from which i can exploit surplus value to make more industrial factories... but right now i'm just rolling dice in an alley for cigarettes and more dice.

We understand that releasing these hundred-and-thirty pages will be very funny / divisive — but the MARP doesn’t give a fuck.

I hope the Admin cough on their cigars while laughing brandy through their noses at the fireplace.

The dox, as previously discussed, were released to our source through an Access-to-Information request, which was submitted to Secretary-General Stephen Strople by a brave comrade.

This person who bravely entered the James Administrative Security Centre through the front doors — armed with a sealed envelope and knowledge of the law.

After the requisite extraordinary delay period — which McGill abused to the very limit of what is allowed under the law — the dox were then provided to our source after they paid standard-rate profitable-print-fees to the McGill Informatics Control Board.

look at it

this is literally only a fraction of the beginning of the second set of scanned files. what could it mean?

While I am not educated in Bourgeois Economics, I can see what use these will be to campus radicals — now when one claims there is a deep connection between evil mining corporations and weapons manufacturers and McGill, there will be documents to prove it!
[Ed’s note: This of course presumes that digital text is more highly regarded in the present age of the “information economy” as the materially present shrines to mining on campus were not enough.

Plus, professors/workers who wish to know how pensions are invested may find some clues!! [SPOILER: AMERICAN OIL, PIPELINES, BANKS, MINING]

Have fun! Check for your favourite banks (like RBC, where The HMB is a board member) or your favourite labour crushing Industrial Tin Producer Rio/Tinto Alcan (where The HMB is also a board member).




SCN_0001 – webz — publicly traded equity holdings as of 31 Dec 2011
SCN_0002 – webz — different list of publicly traded equity holdings as of 31 Dec 2011 ??
SCN_0003 – webz — 10 pages of publicly traded equity holdings 2007 – 2009 ; publicly traded fixed income holdings 2008 – 31 Dec 2011
SCN_0004 – webz — publicly traded equity holdings aug 2007 ; pooled funds and alternative investments as of 31 Dec 2011 – 2008 
SCN_0005 – webz — pooled funds and alternative investments from oct 2008 (excluding managers investing in Canadian Markets… but list includes Toronto Dominion Bank’s Asset Management Inc…) ; pooled funds, alternative investments, and staff mortgages as of mar 2007

Report filed by: A little Birdie

[Ed’s note: PS email SSMU VP Internal Plumm Sauce and tell him to make MARP the SSMU publication of the year to MARP so Karlos Marx can go to an all-you-can-drink gala with Administrators!!

This is EXTRA hilarious because if you read the McGillLeaks you would see that the school keeps tabs on everyone who attends a dinner at the same place as HMB
(amirite Mr. Birks LOL!! 🙂 )

More MARP / Bourgeois Media coverage on the University threatening legal action against student-organized is available newsproducts here]

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