MARP analyzed the new and interesting ways that Industrial-Debt-Complex McGill was CONTINUOUSLY FUCKING their Unionized Labourers RIGHT AFTER A STRIKE a few months back in an extremely satirical MARP article originally posted on 5 Fev 2012. [Editors’s note: McGill Daily commentary from 6 Fev covers it here]

munaca strike

this time, munaca said “yes” and admin said “NO”

Well, earlier today MUNACA manifested on McGill Campus to break the Provisional Protest Protocol, deliver a letter to the HMB. [Editors’ Note: Union Boss Kevin Whittaker had made an appointment to enter the Militarized inner core of the James Administrative Safer Space]


You see, starting on 1 Sept 2011, 1 700 MUNACA workers began picketing Lower Campus, from which they were later banned BY LAW.

Eventually, after 11 months of negotiations — four of which on strike — MUNACA labourers returned to work on 6-9 Dec 2011.



Even though McGill came to an agreement with MUNACA/PSAC negotiators at a table,
it wasn’t enough.

Even though the contract was submitted to be ratified at a General Assembly of the workers of the Union — and passed,
it wasn’t enough.

Even though the workers returned to work for three months in good faith that the Employer will ratify the contract,
it wasn’t enough.

And so, on 9 Mar 2012, MUNACA chose to march through campus holding flags and then deliver a letter to the hive-of-bullshit known at the “James Administrative Austerity Cash Reduction Complex”

Alternative proposal would be to smash all the windows and pie HMB in her smug face — but we students are here in absolute solidarity no matter how you choose to externalize your struggle

the contents of the letter were reblogged by the MUNACA facebook page handlers here, and we reblog it again below:

MUNACA’s response to HR’s notice and letter to the Principal
After a rally in the James Square today, Kevin Whittaker delivered a letter, copied below, to the Principal’s office.
This letter states that the delay in signing of the Collective Agreement is unacceptable and provides further details about the only article that remains in dispute.
You have probably seen the notice from Lynne Gervais, the Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources), countering our version of the issue that is delaying the signing of the Collective Agreement.
In it she states the following: “Even if there is still a dispute about any issue, MUNACA can sign the agreement as ratified and file an interpretation grievance to resolve this issue.” Who in their right mind would sign a contract when, as Ms Gervais herself put it, “A prime issue has arisen” with one of the terms of that contract? Ms Gervais, would you sign a contract if you were unclear on the interpretation of an important clause, with the assurance from the opposing party that it can just be dealt with later? Would the McGill Administration sign a contract under such a condition?
MUNACA has no intention of signing something we don’t understand or agree to just because McGill is waving our own money in our faces! If this administration had any intention of dealing fairly with MUNACA and its members, they would already have provided the information and explanation we asked for 3 weeks ago!
Principal Heather Munroe-Blum
James Administration Bldg
845 Sherbrook Street West
5th floor
Montreal, QC H3A 2T5
Dear Principal Munroe-Blum,
Three months ago, MUNACA members ratified a Collective Agreement with the Employer. Although it was clear to MUNACA that there were outstanding issues that needed to be discussed and language drafted, they were few and relatively straightforward. During the last three months several meetings have taken place and much progress was made, until February 17, 2012. On this date, the Employer introduced an interpretation that departed from a reference to employees previously covered by Appendix 10, which we agreed to eliminate. This occurred during a meeting scheduled with Ms. Claire Tremblay, the conciliator appointed by the Ministry of Labour, and representatives from the Employer and MUNACA/PSAC, in an attempt to clarify what was agreed upon during negotiations.
At this meeting the Employer’s representative, Mr. Robert Comeau, among other things, stated that the Employer has added members to the already provided list of eighty employees that the parties had already agreed upon. It was clear during negotiations, however, that only those members who were clearly identified by the university and agreed upon by MUNACA, would be affected by Article 23.10.
In the interest of clarity and expedience, MUNACA asked for the rationale, as well as the list of bargaining unit members that the Employer now wishes to add. In this way, we could at least assess whether there would be any greater effect than already agreed upon. We also sought assurances that the Employer’s intention was not to change the scope of the article in ways that were never even raised during negotiations. After waiting for three weeks, we have neither received any information from the Employer nor any answer to our requests.
This delay is unacceptable and further strains the already volatile relationship between the employer and our union members. We would hope that this Administration would be interested in promoting a respectful and stable relationship with its support staff. MUNACA members have taken what they think were necessary measures in order to achieve improvements to their working conditions. It is surely time for the Employer to honour its commitments and to settle what should be very minor issues still remaining so that our representatives may meet in the coming weeks to sign the Collective Agreement that was negotiated in good faith.
Kevin Whittaker
cc. Lynne Gervais, Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources
Robert Comeau, Director, Employee Relations, Human Resources

Report filed by: An Angry Anarcho-Syndicalist Manarchist

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