MARP Provides History, Noting We Are Doomed to Repetition

In the Fall-Winter 2011 edition of McGill News Alumni Magazine, there was an article celebrating the centennial of our campus’ oldest student-run Newsproduct.

1969 demo at james

in this pic from a 1969 demo outside james admin, you can wee that everyone there is a rich white male. nowadays, the rich white males have split into two groups. some manifest at james with allies of colour and women, and the others show up to general assemblies to filibuster democracy and directly harm society.

The MARP quotes a section below.

Reportedly, this was the last thing read aloud by students in the #6party before McGill Securty Manager Christopher Carson violently busted the door open, followed by a conga-line of SPVM officers:

No matter how you spin it, there’s little doubt the Daily is, arguably, the best-known student newspaper in the country and that it has been at the centre of a fair bit of controversy throughout its history.

As early as 1933, two student publications associated with the Daily—The Alarm Clock (published by a student socialist organization) and The Black Sheep (run by a group of suspended Daily students)— provoked public outrage and were each banned from publication. From charges of “obscene libel” in 1967 against several Daily staffers (which resulted in student protests and the occupation of the administration’s offices), to Daily staffers being visited by Quebec police during the October Crisis of 1970, to the many heated campaigns over the years by student council to fire Daily editors-in-chief—it’s clear the paper has earned its stripes as a venerable, leftist (if one can use those two words in the same phrase) newspaper which challenges the status quo.

This may come as a shock to McGill’s Undergraduate Bourgeois-Reflectionaries because most students of the Arts do not realize they are primarily students of History.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx


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