Previously, the MARP has reported on baseless legal threats to our existence — even going so far as to remove ALL our content for a period of time. We have not yet had a moment to address this, but the facts are laid out as such:



  1. Two ACTUAL lawyers provided REAL legal advice which informed us that in Quebec, there are basic rules to follow in defamation cases:

    a) «if it’s true, it’s true… if not, you’re in trouble.»
    b) even if false, the claimant must prove «material damages» for something to qualify as «illegally slanderous.»

  2. Being that our claimant’s employer is notoriously well known for paying employees in stock options & the company has not had an IPO and is not actually valued at all, it would be impossible for the MARP to even cause «material damage» in this case.

So now, we can finally announce that we actually just took down all our content and reblogged Newburgh’s threat because it was funnier that way!


This morning, while attempting to correct a grammatical error in our previously most recent publication, Karlos Marx was informed via secret channels to the WordPress Chamber of Governors that we were under investigation by McGill’s Military-Industrial Legal Complex for linking to a site which exposes McGill’s Alumni Relations Department as an arm of the Military-Industrial Private-Investment Subsidized-Farm Complex.


In this snippet from the second legal letter sent to MARP from McGill, we see that McGill actually admits to not being able to verify the identify of MARP's Editorial Staff and also that they request private information from WordPress that does not have to be divulged without a subpoena authorized in a Court of Law.

This is a particularly interesting turn of events for the MARP as it solidifies our existence on campus as a legitimate news source. As real investigative journalists know, when you are actually breaking news, you are served with every sort of suppression tactic in existence.

The McGill Daily was also served with similar documents and they folded like paper tigers.

Even with a non-opt-outable fee, the Daily and can’t afford the legal battle… What are we supposed to do at the MARP??? 😥 ????

The obvious answer is to stop sharing links to the McGillLeaks release file (WordPress said I could still link to their blog) and publicly release the threatening documents that were released to me. ENJOY!!!!!

DOCS-#11250561-v1-2nd_letter_to_Automattic (1).pdf


Also available as .jpegs on facebook.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx

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This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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