McGill Economics and Management Students Still Festering Piles of Shit

BREAKING: After intensive medical research conducted here at the McGill Bodily Investigation Emporium & Tire Center, expert scientists — specializing in knowledge and knowledge studies — have uncovered that Economics and Management students are still festering piles of animate shit.

bourgeois graph

BOURGEOIS CHART: x-axis is time, y-axis is quality of discussion

Indications of higher than government regulation levels of bullshit were detected by knowledge scientists as early as the 1920’s, when preening bourgeoisie rejects (Economics students) decided the only way they could approach the pig-dom they so desperately aspired to was by becoming poorly paid libertarian ideologues.

Studies have since linked the same strain and content levels of fecal matter to those in degrees that will put them on the fast track to bourgeois hoggery in rich white daddy’s conglomerate (Management students).

Later studies went on to demonstrate that the average Fecal Quotient of Econo-Man students, far from being merely outside regulation amounts, was equal to roughly 90% their body weight, confirming what researchers had only hitherto guessed at: these fields either created or attracted vast swaths of walking, talking turds.


if you're a pig ideologue, this could be your first taste of pre/post-marxian economics

Dr. Smug Phukerr, M.D., also a professor of McGill’s Medical System Vampire Finishing School, has published findings confirming the older studies and revealing new insights into Econo-Man student composition.

His findings include indications that students in Political Science and IDS suffer from the same “walking turdom” condition (of the “bowl of diarrhea with legs” strain), and that the other 10% of Econo-Man students thought to be human is actually corn and indigestible textbooks on free market economics.

Report Filed by: The Copper Cobra

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3 Responses to McGill Economics and Management Students Still Festering Piles of Shit

  1. Staur says:

    No communist are pieces of shit.

  2. Concerned Parent says:

    Hopefully your slander makes you feel better about those unemployment checks. Proud enough to put down others for having aspirations but not too proud to collect EI.

    Have some respect and please keep your vile thoughts to yourself.

  3. anon says:

    Gift economy…LOL.

    What keeps you from contributing freely to society in any economic structure? Hoarding by the rich leading to limited resources for the poor.

    What keeps you from selfishly taking without giving in the communist economic structure? Totalitarian government.

    Heads they win, tails you lose.
    Your ideas are not better than theirs.

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