Anarcho-Capitalist Newsblog Shows Lack of Appropriate Care For the Desperate, Homeless

McGill’s favourite sub-journalist blog-cowards The Bull & Bear have put themselves back in the buzzwaves with a deeply-problematic vulture-tabloid-style blurb about a homeless person’s eviction from McGill’s most expensive and least exclusive faculty building — the Bronfman building of the Desaultels Faculty of Middle-Management.

old lady police bull bear fuck them

this photo from the B&B, titled 'old lady' was credited to 'kunal shah.' the MARP is investigating the identity of this individual.

This article, titled “Police Escort Vagrant Old Lady From Bonfman“, is completely fucked for ageism, prejudice against the homeless, and all sorts of other deeply coded shit. The B&B practically mocks her for reading newspapers every night and demonizes her for shoplifting, a common occurrence in the life of those who need bread or commodity.

While the article itself is written without a byline, the accompanying photograph — simply titled “old lady” — is credited to “Kunal Shah.”

Furthermore, the article only mentions the time (1730hrspm), not the date. The B&B URL addresses also inform us that this occurred sometime in Fev 2012, but not the exact date.

This poor quality publishing follows the Bull & Bear‘s inane diatribe on last week’s SSMU General Assembly and all the other bullshit they publish.

The MARP still would like to understand what “Marxian” economics is — please email if you have any leads.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx

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1 Response to Anarcho-Capitalist Newsblog Shows Lack of Appropriate Care For the Desperate, Homeless

  1. Ben Dhover says:

    You’re idiots. She’s not homeless and lives on Stanley.

    Review your facts.

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