Student Protest Educates Police About Continental Philosophy

Montréal has been blowing up with reports over a student protest gone wrong. A video circulating on Internet Channel Youtube shows a standoff between Pigs and Comrades.

There is one Pig who is exceptionally aggressive — seen bashing students with his hooves, which provokes a retaliatory chant of «no justice, no peace. fuck police!». Later in the video, the same Hog is seen knocking a woman to the ground. Luckily, the Pig is held back by his Bros — preventing the impending and inevitable rape.

Although police violence is very sad, this story does have a positive ending: CBC News Montreal reports that the Service des Pigs de la Ville de la Montréal have begun to read their Heidegger and Baidou in order to truly assess the personal relations between the officers and the protest.

anarchy in mtl


As confirmed on the SPVM official twitterstream, the Pigs will look INWARDS and engage in DEEP CRITICAL REFLECTION about the events in an Internal Investigation — showing that the interaction between the Kids and Pigs may have been a very positive teaching-moment.

We at the MARP however believe that the SPVM ought to take a pragmatic, nonfoundational, authentically virtuous approach because then the Pigs would just stop hitting women, instead of trying to reflect back on it like a Reactionary Dog.

This has been another story in our ongoing coverage of Police.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx


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