New Administrative Safety Alert System Provides Radicals With Free Buzzwaves in Attention Economy

Various members of the Revolutionary Vanguard over the last week have expressed dismay over the electronic letters sent to all McGill students and staff regarding what the totalitarian, McGill Administration deem as threats to public safety.

u got mails

expect your inbox to be inundated as non-disinterested students ("radicals") gear up their campaign this spring.

The first of these goofy letters was analyzed by the MARP here.

The letters are headed as “MRO (Monopolized Rhetoric Operation) McGill Staff,” but come directly from the steak and bourbon greased lips of Michael Di Grappa and Jim ‘not so’ Nicell.

Note that the motivation behind the letters comes from recommendations from the Purely FAinterpretationCT-based, “IN”dependent Jutras Report. 

While many were under the impression that the subject of these emails was to be the decaying remains of a demon-possessed Scottish slave owner or cigarette addicted monkeys escaping from Stewart Bio, many of the proletariat were shocked to be alerted that a non-existent, admin-fabricated, peaceful march was to arrive on campus.

The next electronic letter sent days later stated that, “a group of some 100 protesters is at present heading to McGill from Concordia, en route to UQAM.” This statement was basically true (aside from the lowball on numbers, and the suppresion of our stop at CÉGEP de Vieux Montréal)

The protest against Quebec “hop on the bandwagon” austerity measures was a serious success. Every member of the Black Bloc was militantly peaceful, causing no threat to public safety, but also receiving free promotion from the Hive of Bullshit.


the worse the emails get, the more i want to write the admin a personal message

However, the concern is that these letters thus far have attempted to demonize and criminalize all forms of peaceful assemblies and marches on campus. By associating their new public safety measures with political and social engagement and not with PIGS using chemical weapons on students, they are deliberately marginalizing students who challenge their decisions and priorities.

Here at the MARP, we only wonder when Arch-Freudian Mendelson, Ph.D Psych will come up with the brilliant idea of implementing the ever-popular “Terror Alert Level” colour coded system to inform all peoples of McGill that it’s possible to find allies and stand up against the patriarchal, oligarchical, corporate, neo-liberal, institutionalized status quo at OUR university.

Signing off.
Pablo Petulengro

About Milton Avenue Revolutionary Press

This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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