More Reports Coming in From 2 Fev Anglo/Franco Solidarity March

The MARP has attempted to collect some of the materials that have been reported on regarding the 2 Fev “Don’t Fuck With Notre Education” March.



The McGill Daily News wrote a blurb on the event, which is generally lacking. Le Delit Français released a short photoimage album via facebook and wrote a sweet story — allowing them to retain their place as the only other true revolutionary newsblog on campus.

The title fails to mention UQAM and CEGEP de Vieux Montréal, focusing on the Anglo institutions, but also repeats garbage lies from the MRO Electronic Fear-Dispensing Message Delivery System.

It appears like the Daily didn’t even know about the march until it was announced via the new McGill Techno-Opticonal Spyware Device, which is discussed in an articlefrom MARP’s new Political Analyst, Pablo Petulengro.



Before the march, reblogged a letter from CLASSE member Jérémy Bédard-Wein — which clearly describes the message of 2 Fev.

preliminary evidence appears to confirm that the march did indeed get mainstream media coverage

Reports have come in that reports of this protest were reported on pages A6 and A2 of The Gazette and Le Devoir on Friday 3 Fev.

The first evidence of the claim is attached:

Report filed by: The MARP Editorial Board

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