MARP’s Coverage of McGill Mining Hits Mainstream

Earlier this week, Facebook was abuzz with reblogs of stories from Local Corporate Media Conglomerates about Asbestos related activities in the lives of members of the McGill Board of Governors.

asbestos insulation

gives me that ol' cancery feeling

Fascist miners have been under the MARP’s lens since the very beginning — reminding you that we needed to investigate everything in order to first uncover McGill’s asbestos connections.

Local Gossip Blog The Gazette published a story about an open letter denouncing the connections. The letter was written by “prominent medical experts and researchers” — two of which being McGill Faculty.

Instead, the McGill Admin provided no comment to the Gazette. The MARP’s analysis is below.

Apparently, it has been well documented that Asbestos causes cancer. The McGill Administration ought to recognize this, considering that the explanation of the recent $2.5 million renovation of James Admin’s second floor was to “remove the dangerous asbestos [from the posh-as-fuck board of governors’ room].”

It has also been well documented that Board of Governors member Roshi Chada has links to the asbestos industry — she was even asked to resign from the board in the public letter — and she actually did take a temporary leave of absence, though McGill still praises her and is comfortable with her exporting asbestos to third-world nations.

According to a report from McGill Daily Journalist, Chada’s husband site on the Concordia Board of Governors.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx


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