REBLOGGO ANALYSIS: What is Important?

The MARP finds it exciting to announce that the Montreal Mirror has FINALLY gotten around to covering CKUT/QPRIGgate — which we remind you has been covered by the MARP so many times that you should just scroll down to see more. Their article quotes EX SSMU VP External and current Rad Motherfucking Pig-Killer Myriam Zaidi who is always just “playing it cool.

CKUT’s neverendum

Life never seems easy for CKUT and QPIRG McGill, two of the university’s more controversial student organizations, and especially when it comes to money. Last fall, the two groups thought they had it made when a student referendum ensured their continued funding for the next five years. But the two are now saying there’s a new bureaucratic wrinkle. According to CKUT undergraduate board member Myriam Zaidi, a university administration rep considered the referendum question unclear, and that may hinder negotiations for their next contract, which are due to begin this spring.

Students can choose not to pay the $4 per semester for each organization through the university’s online portal and, thanks to what Zaidi says was a “defamatory campaign against certain inde­pendent student groups,” about 15 per cent of students opted out last year. The referendum proposed a measure that would force opting-out students to collect their money at the station and at QPRIG offices, rather than simply be reimbursed by the university. But Zaidi says the administration rep felt the question involved two different questions—whether the voter supported the orga­nizations’ ongoing existence and whether they approved on the reimbursement changes—and suggested they may have to hold another referendum as early as next month.




This is particularly interesting because we can take our super-critical eye and point it at the Local Reactionary Tabloid known as The McGill Daily.

In a bi-monthly column called Readers Advocate, a member of the former Daily Vanguard assesses the performance of the paper. This year it is being done by campus “big-man” Niko Block who chose to write his latest article about the empty meaninglessness of the comedy section, Compendium!

In some sort of sad failed attempt at meta-humour, Block calls out the Commentary editors for not being political or interesting on the funnie pages — obviously not realizing that every part of the paper deserves serious reconstruction.

Furthermore, Block implies it is lazy to mention your own birthday, or print pictures of cats with captions — not realizing that THIS SHOULD BE FUCKING OBVIOUS!!!!

Report filed by: Karlos Marx


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