AUS Democracy Update feat. Press Release & Scathing Letter

The MARP is proud to announce that the AUSbureau has completely folded to the demands of the AUS Strikebloc, allowing a Constitutional Reform Referenda Question that is necessary to allow the AUS to reach the “minimum-mandatory” necessary conditions to be considered “democratic” enough to join the Greater Quebec Student Body known as CLASSE.


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Jan. 26, 2012

In Reversal, AUS Accepts Special Referendum Petition

The AUS Mobilization Committee reached an agreement this morning with AUS President Jade Calver whereby the petition for a Special Referendum to amend the AUS Constitution will be accepted. Reversing its previous refusal, the AUS has recognized the validity of the petition and will give its members the chance to debate and vote on the proposed constitutional changes, which extend certain powers presently held exclusively by Council to the General Assembly.
The amendments would make the AUS eligible to join the Coalition large de l’ASSÉ (CLASSE), giving McGill students a voice in the movement for a general strike against the Quebec government’s proposed $1625 tuition hike. And in the long term, as Mobilization Committee member Jaime MacLean explains, “a ‘yes’ vote on the referendum question is a vote for direct democracy in the AUS.”
Voting is expected to open in early February. Exact dates will be confirmed shortly.
While the delay in the process has unnecessarily postponed the affiliation of the AUS to the CLASSE and prolonged the period in which McGill lacks a real voice in the Quebec student movement, the AUS Mobilization Committee is pleased that the democratic will of the AUS membership has ultimately been respected.
Media Contacts:
Jaime MacLean (AUS Mobilization Committee) xxx-xxx-xxxx [phone number deleted by MARP]

While currently unclear why the AUSbureau folded… it may be because of our ongoing coverage of their bullshit herehere, and here — but it’s probably because CLASSE directly sent a letter to AUSbureau President Jade Calver to call her a LIAR about the information sent to the AUS Strikebloc by her crony, AUSbureau Chief-Returning-Officer Victor Cheng. (available at the bottom of this article here)

we submit to the public record this image taken directly from calver's election advertisements

In order to prove that CLASSE was PISSED about the AUSbureau claiming there were no necessity of reform, we will reprint the letter to Calver in full, including the charming mistranslations:

24 Janvier 2012

To whom it concerns,

It has been brought to the executive council of the CLASSE (Coalition Large Autour de l’Association pour Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante) that  members of AUS sought to join our ranks. We welcome their initiative.

However one of the conditions to join the CLASSE is to have the General Assembly (GA) as supreme autority. After the lecture of your constitution, we regret to inform you that your constitution does not meet the basic criterias of direct democracy. The GA should not be overruled by any intermediary council or executive. In so being it should be able to vote its own budget, destitute any elected members, and change its own by-laws or constitution.

Therefore we consider that the referendum requested by the members of AUS amending articles 6, 12, 17, and 19 brings the sufficient reforms to allow AUS to join the CLASSE.

Also, we heard that executives of AUS spread the false information that we considered the constitution of AUS sufficiently democratic to join the CLASSE. We require that such allegations stop immediatly.

Thank you for your collaboration

I will be at your disposal to answer any questions

Philippe Lapointe
Secrétaire aux affaires académiques
Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ)
Cellulaire: (514) 824-2459

Courriel :
Site web:
Twitter: @ASSEsolidarite

Report filed by: Karlos Marx


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