Geezer Submits to Master, Receives Retweet

The MARP is proud to announce that there actually is a good-and-honest way to get ahead in this world.

geezer gets JUST enough


Earlier today, some Old Fart with a royal title gave a slightly less old Square a “Bow Tie” — which is a relic of a disgusting old society we should strive to forget (in the context of forming a New Canon that includes the Old Canon so that we can truly contextualize how the Old Canon was unraveled from within through the slow reflexive bourgeois academic process called “Negative Dialectics”).

Anyone who doubts this fact should note that everyone’s favourite local Superfascist Brainwasher Thrasymachusian AynRandroid Economist Tom Velk, Ph.D Lies, wears his every day.

Of course, the granting of a “Bow Tie” was not enough — @habsinsideout1 tweeted about it and was given another little glimpse at recognition — a RT, which is intrinsically good and praiseworthy.

The MARP would also like to remind our local rabble about sports:

Sorry folks, but this story has a sad ending 😦
This sad man cartesianly-observed his favourite culture-industry-produced-ethno-local-national-absurdist live theatre crew GET CRUSHED IN THE ARENA OF MACHISMO BATTLE — and he just guiltily blames himself.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx

About Milton Avenue Revolutionary Press

This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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