Corporatist Fascism Worn on Sleeve of Mining Department

Here, the MARP reports on data uncovered during a Radical Walking Tour of McGill’s Department most financially committed to neo-colonial conquest — the Department of Using Money for Commodity Excavation for Transduction into More Money.

This has been a subject of MARP analysis since the very beginning. Of course, our threat to protest another mining demonstration was mere misinformation, but we were deadly serious about our other plan-of-action. The MARP will report back once the dust has settled.

just showin off

oh cool! is that THE debeers that has a stripmine outside the currently buzzing Attawapiskat native reserve, recently popularized by Harper's fascism

Students committed to learning (“radicals”) walked around the office-space (“infiltrated”) and used their ability to form coherent threads of knowledge (“think”) to connect the strings of letters (“names”) associated with global-fascist-debt-slavery-mineral-death-cults (“corporations”).

Fascist Advertising

touch this window to get up-close-and-personal with the evil corporations that our school proudly associates with. this includes a company with "ASBESTOS" in their name.

It really wasn’t hard to pick out things that were totally fucked.

This sort of eco-political analysis is so basic that your average pig anti-capitalist post-marxist manarchist “gets it” with their eyes closed.

What I found more interestingly problematic was textbook sexist-diametrically-opposed washrooms — only analyzable through the raised-consciousness of one who has read Foucault and copious amounts of revolutionary queer-feminist-liberation theory.

labels are bullshit

as you can see, the male washroom (represented by the universalized white stick man) has no label informing patrons of the situation one must be in to use the washroom because it is the default position from which each and all other cases diverge from. The othering washroom for the oppressed (represented by the lady in the dress) has a label in "plain" language underneath.

For our lowbrow audience, here’s something everyone can enjoy — assuming you can conceptualize irony at all!


Report filed by: Karlos Marx

About Milton Avenue Revolutionary Press

This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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