HOT REBLOG: Arch Café Protest Ironies Abound

On 22 Sept 2010, student radicals gathered outside Leacock during Senate in a Revolutionary show of force. Below, we reblog three videos from the McGill Daily chronicling the events.

For those who don’t know the history, the Arch Café was an early-Du Boisian attempt to acquire capital for the many by doing hard work and spreading the wealth through the community.

The Café had 60¢ coffee and was actually turning a profit — but instead famous McGill Naysayer, Arch-Freudian Morton Mendelson, Ph.D Psych, decided to nix it because a new exclusivity contract gave all food production privilege on campus to Aramark GMO Corn Slop. Mendelson later said it was closed because it wasn’t turning a profit — another lie! Much of this is exposed in the McGillileaks Daily Special Edition from 1 Sept 2010

This first video will get you acquainted with the size of the crowd on campus that day.It is unclear to the MARP whether or not current SSMU VP External Joël Pednault was cuter then or now. More on this as it develops.

This video shows the entire protest and its journey around campus, cut to a gorgeous a capella Revolutionary Protest Song by an anonymous rioter.Also, watch the HMB duck out the back with security piglets — and she actually hoots “it’s all just part of life in the university.”

In the final video, we see Zach Newburgh, then ex-Hillel and then-current-SSMU President appropriating the mass for his own political gains. “Students united will never be defeated,” he oinks, following it with “this is just the beginning”  — haha how little he knows.Please note that when he steps down from his Glory Platform and loses his Flow, he is asked by Daily reporter Michael Lee-Murphy if he is “excited by the turnout” to which SSMUburgh honks back with “now, it’s time… for senate time.”

And that reminds me to announce that today is the second Consultation Fair which is an embarrassing bourgeois attempt to pretend to “further discourse” by holding “consultation fairs” attended by “administrators who are willing to listen” so that the new middle managers in the “administrative consultation direct action working group” can retain their glorious salaries and pensions.

You should come and drink and eat the coffee/cookies whether or not you wish to get in Masi’s fat face about his pig-sexist-public-relations-ploy or just talk to Mendelson about The Copper Cobra’s Revolutionary Photo Essay.

See you there and remember that our BEST tactic is SOLIDARITY.

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