HOT REBLOG: “Peace” “Protestors” “Violently” “Fight” on Other Side of Globe

Originally blogged in McGill’s branch of HuffPo, The McGill Daily — but it was lost in the sands of time as Compendium! was deeply violated during the website’s 2010 reconstruction.

this article covers a Troll-Protest at McGill — which was mostly populated by Private High School Students who were coach-bussed in en masse. It was organized to support the IDF in their battle against children and families during Operation Cast Lead. This is what happened:

this actually happened

the actual mcgill daily news story on this was written by known fascist listserv troll who instantly replied "i'm on it!" with her "mcgill daily israel mentioned in a pitch" auto-reply bot. years later, she wrote a tribune editorial parroting supremacist iranian-israeli party lines claiming the "arab spring is about people who just want bread"

Reblog posted by: Karlos Marx


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