Code of Police Ethics: Or Pigs Dressed In Sheeple Skin

In reaction to the events of 10 Nov, a fresh document regarding the “Police Ethics System” has recently been posted on the “Resources” tab on the SSMU website.

guns make you a prick

be aware of masked and hooded gunmen enforcing oppressive laws and protecting capital

Police having a code of ethics is like sending an army of trained paramilitary murderers to teach democratic practices to disarmed conquered neo-slaves while simultaneously raping the land for a resource — not only paving the way for a complete environmental apocalypse that threatens the way of life of terrestrial life itself, but is also itself a resource which helps to maintain the manic addictions of an Industrialized Heteropatriarchal Capitalist Racist Excuse-for-a-Society that synchronizes its addiction with a “War on Drugs.”

In other words, the idea of “Ethical Police” is equivalent to a Crack-Addicted Genghis Khan funded by the Military-Industrial-Complex.

But putting all that aside, I still decide to rummage through the bullshit to see if I could recover any scraps of GM corn because I’m hungry as FUCK for some GOD DAMNED human decency. Instead, all I find is regurgitated Pig vomit, fresh from the bowels of our corporate-political masters.

Even before I could read it, I found myself wailing like the livestock that I am about the fact that there is no English version and the website hasn’t been updated since 2008. I use google translate and I am informed that supposedly, according to Article 3 of Québec-Pig-Ethic, Pigs subscribe to the ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ – you know, that righteous piece of paper which holds that ALL LIVESTOCK ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME LIVESTOCK ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS — No wonder we’re mad: we can’t find our farm feed and even when we do, it’s filled with antibiotics.

But who cares about this petty squabble. Check a short snipped of the meaty list and see how many were ignored on 10 Nov and every other day of the year:

Article 5:    A police officer must not: 
 .2        fail or refuse to identify themselves by an official while a person, in the application;  
Article 6:    
.1        use greater force than necessary to accomplish what is required or permitted;     
.2        make threats, intimidation or harassment;     
.3        knowingly bring a charge against a person without justification;     
.4        abuse his authority for a statement;     
.5        hold, for questioning, a person who is not under arrest. 
Article 10:     
.6        use greater force than that required in respect of a person in his custody;

After a hard days work of bashing heads, Pigs and their loved ones — needing to rest their heads soundly by retaining at least a partial sanity — must convince themselves of Swine-Humanity by righteously referring to abstract, groundless moral duties.caption is already there

Instead of being a counterweight to this hubris, the above moral suggestions — which have, at least a potential to remind Pigs of normal, practical, everyday human-human interaction — also work to reinforce the righteousness of hiding behind a badge.

I’ve eaten turducken before, but it’s a lot harder to roast pork when it is so well hidden — inside a lamb.

Report Filed By: Marko Guevara Esquandolas

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This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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