revolutionary art spotlight: fifth floor by anarchojam

revolutionary art spotlight: fifth floor by anarchojam

leading up to 10 nov, the vibe of the anarchojam was born and immediately afterwards, it was captured. we are attempting to move beyond lo-fi and in doing so move away from the form of “songs” altogether. improvisationally constructed by listening and responding in the moment, we strived to avoid kitsch bullshit and just tell our story — moving between instruments, liquor, singing, smoking, thinking, and doing.

the sound of the fifth floor

moving beyond banner-making

the fifth floor ep has four tracks and is available freely here with an incredibly generous creative commons license.

institution of law -> police starts with a discussion of the oppressive institution of legal governance and moves into a brief segue regarding the armed representatives of the state and the legitimacy of occupation as a tactic.

smashing is a dancehall mash that anarchojam deftly builds and then deconstructs by its own positive efforts to construct a new space and sound.

heather focuses on the HMB, her office, banner drops and the 10 nov occupation in general. the singer shows off his delicate side in a sweet falsetto,  nearly dispelling the aggressive white manarchist myth, until every non-western classical music has their modal shifts appropriated into a groove that is ripe to be spat upon by occupier a, as identified in the jutras report.

hmb, get funky is a whiskey-fueled brawler in which the white man fakes his best rick james. drummer is previously known in the revolutionary community for playing a djembe so hard outside a senate meeting that his hands bled. the djembe was later lost at occupons montreal.

report filed by: anarchojam

About Milton Avenue Revolutionary Press

This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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2 Responses to revolutionary art spotlight: fifth floor by anarchojam

  1. Amy says:

    think i know where that djembe is yo.

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