Revolutionary Fashion Accessory Roundup for Spring 2012

The Red Felt Square


you may have seen this around ruining the illusion of the purely dark standard black bloc camo wear

You may have seen this around on the raddest kids for years. It represents solidarity between the students in Quebec in their fight against neoliberal austerity tactics, tuition hikes, racism, capitalism, heterosexism, transphobia, and misogyny.
Someone asked me if she could wear it if she wants to end sexism and institute a tuition-freeze, but isn’t an anti-capitalist. I was like “whatever, I personally don’t give a fuck that your internal coherence system of values is inconsistent.”


still pretty cool

once a hot commodity, there are actually surplus MUNACA pins for the first time since 2009's pressure tactics

While this is EASILY the Hottest Fashion Accessory of Fall 2011, the MUNACA pin has fallen out of the limelight. The general vibe on campus is that unless you are a MUNACA member or got pepper sprayed on 10 Nov, still wearing this makes you a total poseur.


also invigilators

also, some of the TAs you represent are pricks (via Profs hiring pricks)

This pin represents your solidarity with local Teacher’s Assistants’ troll-union AGSEM who calls themselves “McGill’s Teaching Union” even though all of McGill’s professors are contractually-hired in solitary as valued assets and have no union themselves. Even though we appreciate that their subtitle offends McGill’s Bureau of Club Naming, it is yet to be seen whether or not the TAs will support the students in their General Strike this Spring.

The Our McGill Pin

reclaim that shitt asap you goofs

pretty re-claim-y

These pins were made at Community Space The Plante while an Anarcho-Engineer led a discussion on “violence” following his 10 NOV arrest for “theft” of a bike wheel that a cop was using to hit people in the face.

This pin was constructed as a play on the internal scheduling service, myMcGill, to be handed out at the 14 NOV We Are All McGill event, which itself was a dialectic between being a Liberal-Infested Nationalist-Lite Rah-Rah Pep-Rally and a Mass Radicalizing Moment.

Some Pin I Got On The First Day of Occupons Montréal From Some Hippies

literally square pin

pretty unwieldy to have a square pin

This pin shows some square in a suit with his head beneath the sand. This pretty much speaks for itself.



again, they are SO in right now

When these first appeared on campus, they were hot commodity. A sociohistorical account of how they were handed out by members of the YES Committee is detailed in Mr. Newburgh and Mr. Steven’s 69-page joint-honours-thesis, recently submitted to the JBOARD, or Journal of Bullshit Origins of the Arch-Right, Dummy. Now that these pins are hot again, you should grab as many as you can and hold on to them as investments.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx

About Milton Avenue Revolutionary Press

This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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1 Response to Revolutionary Fashion Accessory Roundup for Spring 2012

  1. Sunch Av says:

    omg!!! i had no idea the vote yes button was back in. i need to get one asap before they’re impossible to find. thank you MERP for keeping me updated with the latest fashions, youre totes saving my reputation, love you!

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