Report: Proto-Conservative Nostalgia / Neoliberal Austerity Budget Ironies Uncovered in James Administration Building

Spies for the MARP have revealed more ripe ironies from deep within the Symbolic/Actual Bureau-Control-Panopticon commonly known as the James Administration Building.

Engaging in casual-pig sexism and racism, the display case in the lobby proudly quotes some internal propagandist from 1948 about how great McGill is because nothing had changed since 1908 — practically begging us to meta-fetishize the “good ol’ days” when only white men could come to McGill.


look at them lined up to get conditioned, pre-Pavlov

Ironically, while this text begs us to look back for inspiration, the Neo-Liberal Free-Market Austerity-era that has governed for seventy years since 1948 has been ironically addicted to “growth.”

And it is important to capitalize on this irony and bring it back home as evidently as possible. Due to recent budget cuts, certain offices in the Administrative building had to be consolidated in order to maintain absolute lassaiz-faire industrial-education.


self-reflexive neo-liberal irony — or obvious austerity?

Above, we see that the Ethics Office has been combined with the Office of Numerical-Reductionist Computation in Order to Assess Utility-Units. Secondarily, the Academic Management Office has simply been absorbed by the Office of the Budget.

Report filed by: Karlos Marx


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