Reactionary Dogs Wage War on the People’s Voice

It is no secret that the ruling pig-class of McGill University is at best intolerant when given the option of listening to the oppressed underclass that justifies their grossly-inflated salaries.

and their fucking smug faces

fuck their ties and money

It should come as no surprise that during the Sabbath-day of the neo-feudal education industry — “Winter Break” for the oppressors — the decision was made to ignore the will of mother union in favor of entering a conspiracy with reactionary double-agents against the People.

According to local gossip blog The McGill Tribune, bourgeois overlord and foe of the working class, Arch-Freudian Mediator Morton Mendelson, Ph.D Phych, has stepped into the role of the “benevolent” autocrat in order to tell the People what it actually believes.

Mendelson was quoted as barking that “the […]dum[b] student body was not able to unequivocally indicate support for CKUT or QPIRG,” despite clear indication that both referendum questions had passed by at least two-thirds.

[REDACTED], local crypto-fascist, enemy of the revolution, and candidate for SSMU Presidency, exposed his bourgeois identity and disconnect from the Proletarian Electorate Bloc as well by publicly stating his elite motivations.

“We question […] the students [and] the dum[b] questions,” he said with a piggish grin
as his tail curled.

[REDACTED], along with noted ex-philanderer and charlatan [REDACTED], has submitted a request to investigate campaign infractions to the imperialist and anti-democratic “J-Board.”

It is clear to all parties that further attacks against mother union must be met in the streets with the full force of the Proletariat.


Report Filed by: The Copper Cobra


About Milton Avenue Revolutionary Press

This is no game. It is war. Part of the Revolution will be destroying the enemies of Revolution.
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